How to find and select your favorite armchair?

There is always one chair in the house that is YOURS. It is your oasis of peace. An island where you go to refresh your mind, body, and soul.

For some people it is a reading chair, for some others, it is a chair in which they wind down at the end of the day with a cup of a hot tea or a cold beer, and for most people, it is the most comfortable spot in the house.

An armchair is not just a piece of furniture. It is an instrumental part of your home’s aesthetic and spatial energy flow. It creates an atmosphere for thinking, healing, learning, and evolving. It symbolizes your zen-zone.

Whether you are redecorating your house or moving into a new house, keeping a special place for your armchair is super-important. It may also be the case of wanting to give your personal space a flare of personality. Maybe your living room lacks character. Maybe your bedroom has a special corner where the sunlight shines for the longest time during the day. Maybe you have a pet that will warm-up the seat for you and waits to sit by your feet or on your lap.

An armchair is an amazing conversation starter. A friend of ours had a beautiful rustic leather chair passed down generations. It was a decorated and cherished piece of furniture in this individual’s house.

But, how do you find the ideal chair for yourself? You could scout the furniture outlets in your city, near your house or far off in the industrial zones. A quick guide to simplify this process:

Step 1: online research and shortlisting

Step 2: visit showrooms and see if they match your vision

Step 3: narrow down to 2 or 3

Step 4: take a few days to picture each option and how it is a part of your home

Step 5: settle on the one and buy it

Step 6: celebrate it when arrives home

A few things to consider when you are going through this research and selection process:

  • know what style you are going for
  • what material would you prefer?
  • does it go with your existing/ planned space?
  • is it comfortable?
  • is it timeless?
  • does it make a statement about you?

Be open-minded and consider the different options of armchairs you may have. There are several types of armchairs to choose from, and in this article, we will cover 5 different types of armchairs that are super comfortable, classic, and loved by almost everybody.

Low back armchairs (Buy from Amazon)

Chairs with a low back design are generally very comfortable and also quite affordable. The armrests can be in many forms, sometimes with wood and sometimes upholstered. These chairs will be spacious and accommodate a cushion to give you a cozy feeling, but they are also restricted in terms of head support. These also work aesthetically better in pairs with a high or low coffee table.

High back armchairs (Buy from Amazon)

These chairs are grand in their appearance and can work well as a standalone piece or in a pair. A high back armchair gives full support for the back and provides support for your head as well.

Within the low and high back armchairs, there are several types of chairs that can be classified based on their shapes.

Let’s look at the key features of each of these types of chairs:

1.    Tub armchairs

  • Have a rounded back in the shape of a semi-circle
  • Armrests are not separated
  • Available in different materials
  • Often have 4 legs but can also have a stand type base
  • Low back chairs

2.    Lawson armchairs

  • Straight design chairs
  • Generally low back chairs
  • Compliment sofa sets in living room arrangements
  • Can be made to look interesting with vibrant upholstering

3.    Wingback armchairs

  • Have ‘wings’ mounted on both sides of the headrest
  • These ‘wings’ can extend to the armrest
  • Generally more popular in high back designs
  • Mostly have 4 short legs
  • Have a grand appearance

4.    Slipper chairs

  • Chairs without arms
  • Generally lower height chairs
  • Have 4 short legs
  • Got their name from the Victorian era when women used these chairs for putting on their slippers

5.    Bergere armchairs

  • Enclosed type armchairs
  • Have upholstered back and armrests with a solid frame
  • Of French origin
  • Look more traditional than the others

6.    Modern wingback armchairs

  • Have the ‘wings’ on both sides of the headrest
  • More contemporary in design
  • Generally more popular with high backs

7.    Club chairs

  • Usually have leather upholstery
  • Low back chairs
  • Of French origin
  • Classified as the most comfortable chairs

8.    Occasional chairs

  • Used occasionally, hence the name
  • Can be used to balance the aesthetics of a room or give it more character
  • Usually have solid frames for armrests
  • Also called an accent chair

Swivel armchairs (Buy from Amazon)

Swivel armchairs are those that can rotate and go all around. These chairs are popular, but more so, in a home office type of setting or in a study area. They also compliment the sofa set in the living room and fit snugly in a bedroom as well. They are available in a large variety of forms and sizes and are more preferred by a younger audience.

Reclining armchairs (Buy from Amazon)

A reclining armchair or a recliner is fitted with a leg rest that can be tucked in or expanded. When completely reclined, this chair will be almost as flat as a bed. These types of chairs offer a great deal of flexibility in terms of posture and comfort.

Finally, an armchair is an embodiment of the design, engineering, and art. The perfect armchair will give you a warm feeling when you enter the room. It offers you a place where you can recharge your soul, have the ‘me-time’ that you truly deserve at the end of your day. Most often, it will also be the chair that you or people in your family with the fight over.

Don’t misunderstand this piece of furniture to be submissive. It is a piece that will define you and define your space. It will give you power and personality. Finding the right chair for your personal space holds a lot of weight. And that is why, finding the right armchair that fits your daily needs and is the go-to space in your house for ‘me-time’, ‘happy-time, ‘fun-time’ and ‘eating-time’ is important. And most probably, you will never part with it and also pass it on for a few generations.

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