Create Mobile landing pages using Unbounce

An endless possibility is key to the success of any software solution. We have always been a huge fan of SAAS based applications (software as a subscription). Having been part of the digital industry we have seen evolution by leaps and bounds.

To make a responsive landing page, complex coding is involved to ensure the rendering of the webpages on various browsers. However, some glitches on different browsers are seen on browsers based on mobile and desktop of different operating systems.

How to make a web page responsive:

We had solutions for making web pages responsive to different devices. But, the only problem we had, the landing pages or web pages lacked dedicated user experience on Desktop and Mobile. This can be resolved by modifying the code for different devices, it still did not look seamless in many cases.

But, thankfully some interesting landing page builders have changed this scenario completely. One of them is the Unbounce landing page solution. This landing page solution is working towards providing better customer experience and improvising the overall conversion rates for businesses. This will also result in better Click through rates and ROI.

One of the most important features of Unbounce is the ease of creating mobile landing pages and desktop landing pages.

It is imperative to have dedicated experiences for mobile landing pages due to various facts:

  • Advanced options of smartphones available at very affordable prices
  • Internet penetration is at its peak across the world
  • Internet speeds available through 4G & 5G are getting cheaper day by day
  • Maximum amount of time being spent on mobile devices at the office and home
  • Maximum consumption of content using mobile

These facts have made it necessary to enable individual experience for websites and landing page solutions. However, with access to newer solutions, individual experiences can be created for each device. For e.g.

  • Enabling users to convert better and also provide a richer experience to potential customers.
  • Scalable with multiple resolutions on different browsers and hence giving a better experience for potential customers.

This feature of Unbounce enables any marketer to set up a dedicated desktop and mobile landing page just in minutes.

How to make dedicated mobile landing pages?

Unbounce offers layers for the content which makes it easier to build a landing page for desktop & mobile. It allows you to edit the landing page specifically for Desktop and mobile.

Likewise, it also gives an option to convert to responsive pages. This feature is useful if have to meet a deadline. This can also be an interim arrangement until the design is being ready for the mobile landing page on Unbounce.

Mobile Landing page builder

Managing the content objects of the landing page is very easy on Unbounce. They are text, images, videos, and forms, which can be further grouped together to achieve a specific layout of the design.

Control objects for Desktop landing page and mobile landing page separately

How to use Unbounce as a Mobile Landing Page Builder?

The layering process in Unbounce is very advanced to build a Mobile Landing page design. You can show-hide the layers based on the desktop and mobile landing page versions. However, this excludes the form element.

For e.g. the properties of the images should be different for Desktop and Mobile which is being managed using multiple layers. The image object can be shown specifically to the Desktop or Mobile version. Renaming the objects based on the device makes it easier to manage the content of the landing pages far more efficiently.

Mobile Landing Page Optimization using Unbounce:

Unbounce has very good features in terms of optimizing the landing page for Mobile

  • Adjust the visibility of the fonts without increasing the font size for better readability on different mobile devices
  • The forms can be converted into 4 columns in order to achieve a stack view on mobile devices.
  • Images can be compressed at different JPEG qualities to load faster on mobile devices.
  • Setting background images in order to provide a seamless feeling of the brand or the product
  • Enabling “Alt Attributes” for images on the mobile landing which enables further optimization of the mobile landing pages

Creating Faster loading Mobile Landing Pages:

The attention time for users when accessing any web pages is just between 2 to 3 seconds. On mobile devices, it takes 3 to 5 times longer to load any web pages. It is extremely important to have faster loading web pages in order to retain the traffic, which is generated through ads.

In email marketing, users open their emails on their mobile phones, which directs them to a specific web page. Having faster & responsive web pages will exactly show what the audience is looking for before they lose interest.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) created using the Unbounce builder will load instantly on mobile devices. This will result in achieving more conversions and a higher affinity towards your ads. AMP is a simplified version of the web pages developed to help landing pages load faster.

Create Mobile Landing pages using Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Unbounce also provides free AMP templates that can be customized using the page builder to suit your campaign. These templates will help eliminate the need for creating from scratch. The templates can be further validated by AMP to ensure the mobile landing pages load faster.

Additional Resources on the Mobile landing page Optimization:

Unbounce also provides a community of resources helping marketers and developers to go one step further. You can post your queries on the community and will receive instant answers from the community experts or Unbounce experts.


Providing a customized experience to the audiences enables affinity and higher conversion rates. Therefore, it is extremely important to plan the specific desktop and mobile landing page experience for any of the digital campaigns

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